Open 4GL

This is the home of the Open 4GL Webservices Project, it offers an opensource implementation of the webservices technology to PROGRESS developers. Also here you can find a JavaScript framework/wizard to build Webservice clients from WSDL files using AJAX (similar to the WSDL2JS project but written entirely in JavaScript).

What's new?

2013-02-06 O4GLWS Version 0.4 released

2009-10-25 O4GLWS Version 0.3 released

2006-05-01 O4GLWSDL2JS Version 0.1 Beta released

2006-05-01 O4GLWS Version 0.2 Beta released

2006-02-19 O4GLWS Version 0.1 Alpha released

2006-02-02 The Sourceforge project were created